A Rapid one Day Workshop on 3D Printing Initiation
  1. To Explore Business Opportunities. This is a Very New And Most Promising Field for Next Hundred Years.
  2. To Understand Machine Handling.Suitable for Various Departmental Heads Like Architectural Modeling/Rapid Prototyping of New Designs/Visual Communications Enrichment.


  1. For All Engineering Mechanical, Architectural, Automobiles, Aerospace, Etc..Graduates.
  2. For Fine Arts;fashion Designers/Visual Communication
  3. Diploma Holders:Polytechnic Academic Projects


  1. There is a Great Demand After the 3D Printing became Affordable, and Requires Lakh of Trained Operators.
  2. Where we train you to maintain and use your 3D Printer Professionally over Coming all the Design, Detects & Deploy Problems
  3. This is a 120 Hour Program

FDM 3D Printers

Laser-based Stereolithography (SLA) and Digital Light Processing (DLP) 3D printing follow a similar photo lithography principle, yet produces significantly varying outputs.

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SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) is one of the most used technologies in 3D printing for large scale printing of high quality handling thousands of prints per week without any interruptions. Mostly SLS printers are professional or industrial printers and their cost usually represents a significant investment.
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Material jetting is one of the categories of Additive Manufacturing which uses inkjet print heads to jet droplets of melted material are selectively deposited onto a build bed to develop a three-dimensional object. It builds objects in a similar method to a two dimensional ink jet printer. Material jetting requires support structures and the build material is jetted onto a support platform using either a continuous or Drop on Demand (DOD) approach.
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Binder Jetting is another additive manufacturing process wherein a liquid binding agent is selectively placed to join powder particles and thereafter the layers of material are bonded to form an 3D object. It operates on the basis that the printhead strategically drops binder into the powder, and then the job box lowers, after which another layer of powder is then spread out and then binder is added. Thus, an object or a part develops through the layering of powder and binder.
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Metal 3D Printing or Metal Additive Manufacturing (AM) is process where by a laser fuses together high performance metals, layer by layer to produce a 3D metal object. It is unique as it can produce 3D objects directly from 3D CAD data and also parts which are string and lightweight with complex internal features such as tubes with tubes, and undercuts. It not only offers a fast, accurate and cost-effective method for the production of one-off prototype components but also offers an economical manufacture value by producing of small series parts for testing purposes or as final production components for use in many different environments, without the investment in time and money of conventional tooling.
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3D Scanning in general is defined as a technology that can capture real world data and convert it into a 3D model, thereby allowing the creation of a 3D objects. It’s basically imprints a digital copy of a physical real world object.
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NextGen’s 3D Consultation Services include:

  1. Distribution of 3D printer for manufactures
  2. Customized 3D Printing for
    • Home Use
    • Small Business
    • Commercial
  3. Technology and investment opportunities for investors
  4. 3D Franchise development and support.

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NextGenprovides the right knowledge and tools for clients to customize and print their 3D objects. We aim to offer a one-stop easy solution in 3D printing where by the client can upload their requirements and needs, whereon for a nominal budget, we do the rest for you, including:

  1. Hardware – Choosing the right 3D Printing Process
  2. Software – Identifying the right software: CAD, Polygon Modeling or Digital Sculpting
  3. Materials – Proving basic building materials from general purpose, biodegradable and exotic finish plastic to ceramic, metals, rubber-like materials, etc.
  4. Designing – Specific optimal cost-effective and efficient design solution for 3D printing.
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One of the methods to build a 3D object is by doing a digital file and the easiest option is to use a 3D scanner on an existing object to construct a digital, three dimensional models. NextGen’s3D state of the art scanning facility comprises of latest cutting edge 3D scanners. Together with our technical expertise we can scan, collect and create digital three dimensional objects. With NextGen’sproficiency in digital 3D scanning and photo survey one can edit or modifythe scanned files to either improve or scale 3D object designs.
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NextGen offers tocreate a custom 3D design file, and all it entails is a three-dimensional computer model. To generate a custom-built 3D illustration requires either a solid model from a CAD package such as Solidworks© or a CT or laser scan of a physical part. NextGen’s 3D scanners and software empower designers and engineers to digitalize and design any physical objects into the virtual world to replicate, reshape and re-engineer.
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NextGen manufactures highly detailed 3D printed scale model kits, scale figures and miniature diorama accessories. Whatever may be the scale model, Aircrafts? Helicopters?Boats?Human figures?Tractors &CATerpilars?Cars?Military vehicles? You name it! We can build it for you.
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NextGen’s uses the transformative power of 3D printing to revolutionize Healthcare services. Working along with researchers, engineers and clinicians, we aim to create highly personalized 3D printed medical devices and patient-specific surgical simulation and direct printing of individualized implants and customized instrumentation.
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NextGen offers one stop solutions for automotive design, prototyping and production help to automakers pioneers. With our hardware, software and services solutions, we are committed to develop product parts faster than with traditional casting. We fabricate and build lighter weight parts to drive down manufacturing costs, design and produce innovative assemblies that reduce part counts and provide greater strength and efficiency, and create realistic prototypes that can remove months from the product development process.
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NextGen offers a 3D visual rendering of architectural modeling solutions for architects, developers and land planners. Our CG visualization captures the soul of your idea and allows designing and delivering practical constructions that maximize value and profitability. We can produce a wide variety of models for form finding or design review using any number of 3D printed models either in monochrome or full color with a base to match any size or shape you need or full color, photo-realistic models will be the focus of marketing or sales centers.
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Choose from a wide range of colored 3D printer filaments. ABS and PLA both come in 3mm and 1.75mm diameter size.

Polylactic acid (PLA) is a bio-degradable polymer which is corn based polymer and hence 100% environment friendly and easy to print. Temperature (around 180oC to 220oC)

Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) is a strong but light polymer of plastic and is characterized by high strength, a steeper learning curve with printing temperature around 220-260'C.

Wood Filament is a mixture of recycled wood and binding polymers with printing temperature around 230-260'C.

3D Education


We Are Launching a Very Unique 3D Innovation Labs Program in the Top 10 Schools in Chennai. This is a World Class 3D Education Program Involving All the Aspects that Integrates Scanning,Desining and Printing in Collabration with International Partners.
We Implement What is Available in Top Rated Schools in USA and Europe.

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