3D Printing Internship in Chennai

3D Printing Internship in Chennai

  1.  For All Engineering Mechanical, Architectural, Automobiles, Aerospace, Etc...Graduates.
  2.  For Fine Arts;fashion Designers/Visual Communication
  3.  Diploma Holders:Polytechnic Academic Projects

Internship Details :

The internship revolves around pre-production checklist for the 3D Objects designed using 3D CAD Softwares. The capabilities in 3D printing, limitations and overcoming the limitations in 3D printing. Designing objects with full creative freedom as per the requirements and 3D modelling in a 3D printing product life cycle. Analysis of the printed output and quality testing and post production work of 3D models.
You need to have knowledge in 3D Modelling through CAD softwares for this internship.
(PS : This is not a graphics design internship. Participants should have design knowledge, this intenship will be bridge for virtual 3D models to be real 3D models)

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