3D Printing Service

NexGen provides the right knowledge and tools for clients to customize and print their 3D objects. We aim to offer a one-stop easy solution in 3D printing where by the client can upload their requirements and needs, whereon for a nominal budget, we do the rest for you, including:

  1. Hardware – Choosing the right 3D Printing Process
  2. Software – Identifying the right software: CAD, Polygon Modeling or Digital Sculpting
  3. Materials – Proving basic building materials from general purpose, biodegradable and exotic finish plastic to ceramic, metals, rubber-like materials, etc.
  4. Designing – Specific optimal cost-effective and efficient design solution for 3D printing.

NexGen’s one stop3D printing objective is to meet all the client’s requirements and to deliver a cost-effective 3D printing strategy from initial design to final delivery. Please
Contact Us to discuss your requirements.