3D Scanning Service

One of the methods to build a 3D object is by doing a digital file and the easiest option is to use a 3D scanner on an existing object to construct a digital, three dimensional models. NexGen’s 3D state of the art scanning facility comprises of latest cutting edge 3D scanners. Together with our technical expertise we can scan, collect and create digital three dimensional objects. With NexGen’s proficiency in digital 3D scanning and photo survey one can edit or modifythe scanned files to either improve or scale 3D object designs.

NexGen’s system portability and expertise engineers allow one transform items into 3D CAD models using our 3D scanning services anywhere either in the location of your choice or in our headquarters. We 3D scan parts with our fringe projection 3D scanners to create point cloud, STL or Nurbs surface data. We produce high quality resolutiondigitalizing using our range of stationed 3D Scanners ideal for reverse engineering and dimensional control. Please Contact Us to discuss your requirements.