3D Consultation Services

NexGen’s 3D Consultation Services include:

  1. Distribution of 3D printer for manufactures
  2. Customized 3D Printing for
    • Home Use
    • Small Business
    • Commercial
  3. Technology and investment opportunities for investors
  4. 3D Franchise development and support.

Our business model is to make you achieve new levels of sales, profitability and efficiency via customization of programs and recommendations. Our success strategy to achieve successful business consultation includes:

  • Learning business processes, applications and goals.
  • Identifying 3D print usagefor now and in the immediate future.
  • Customizing3D road map from the budgetary to the logistical including ROI.
  • Building solutions with concrete timelines.
  • Helping to manufacture models or prototypes.
  • Accomplishing print management process for individual business requirements.
  • Providing production quality management services to ensure quality compliance.

NexGen offers a range of consultation services including Inspection, Reverse Engineering, 3D Printing, System and Software training and more! Please Contact Us to discuss your requirements.