About Us

We, the premier product distributers for office copiers and supplies in South India, are now venturing into the next generation of technology, 3D printers. To cash in the endless multi-potential revolutionary 3D technology, we provide a holistic 3D approach including cognizance, information, education, products, printers, and an innovative on-site application of 3D printing.

Our vast experience and expertise in the world of office supplies provides us a key advantage and knowledge on how to cater to the needs and solutions of business arena with high quality and cost efficient products with our commitment to customer service. We aim to bring the same into our latest 3D profession by building a solid and professional service and support to 3D printing in the any area of interest.

Together with our professional knowledge, equipment and services we excel to deliver full - scale 3D printing and to remain on-hand assistance thereafter.

Essentially our aim is to offer a one-stop 3D printing solution.