Binder Jetting

Binder Jetting is another additive manufacturing process wherein a liquid binding agent is selectively placed to join powder particles and thereafter the layers of material are bonded to form an 3D object. It operates on the basis that the printhead strategically drops binder into the powder, and then the job box lowers,after which another layer of powder is then spread out and then binder is added. Thus, an object or a part develops through the layering of powder and binder.

One of the unique advantages of using Binder Jetting is that it does not employ heat during the building process. Moreover, it eliminates the need for build plate as the build parts are supported by the loose power in the job box. It is capable of printing a variety of materials including metals, sands and ceramics. It is often considered to be more cost-effective and best option for 3D printing due to its ability to produce solid layers and to print very large objects.

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