NexGen educates STEM students, especially those in engineering and manufacturingon 3D printing to give them a leg-up in the job market. We have introduced college focused 3D printing curriculum, which aims to help prepare undergraduate and graduate students for careers being transformed by 3D printing.

NexGen’s graduate 3D learning material includes:

  • Introduction to 3D printing comprising 3D printing history.
  • 3D Printing from design to application consisting of established applications in various fields,future trends, and potential social and economic impacts
  • Project-based learningwhere students will experience 3D printing’s impact on the design process firsthand and a variety of projects to guide students through the process of designing and 3D printing a fully functional moving part in a single build.

NexGen empowers today’s students in the shift to a knowledge-based economy to transform their career landscape in nearly every industrialized sector. We train and educate college students to compete on a global 3D printing revolutionary field for jobs that demand more complex thinking and greater mastery of technology. By offering exciting and relevant technology like sophisticated 3D modeling software and professional 3D printers, we empower students beyond concept and design to support real-world applications and prepare students for careers in science, manufacturing, engineering, media and entertainment, architecture, health care, aerospace, robotics, automotive design or the arts.