Metal Printing

Metal 3D Printing or Metal Additive Manufacturing (AM) is process where by a laser fuses together high performance metals, layer by layer to produce a 3D metal object.It is unique as it can produce 3D objects directly from 3D CAD data and also parts which are string and lightweight with complex internal features such as tubes with tubes, and undercuts. It not only offers a fast, accurate and cost-effective method for the production of one-off prototype components but also offers an economical manufacture value by producing of small series parts for testing purposes or as final production components for use in many different environments, without the investment in time and money of conventional tooling.

Metal Additive Manufacturing is significantly advantageous as it offers the possibility to produce complex parts without the design constraints of traditional manufacturing routes. The number of different technologies used in the metal Additive Manufacturing systems can be classified by the energy source or the way the material is being joined, for example using a binder, laser, heated nozzle etc. Classification can be also done based on the group of materials being processed, such as plastics, metals or ceramics.

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