Quality Assurance

Our proficient quality control process ensures produced parts and products are of consistent quality, strength, and reliability, and guarantees quality AM (Additive Manufacturing) process.

The qualification of AM-produced parts, particularly metals will be of consistent quality, strength, and reliability. We ensure all facets of AM quality:

  • Repeatability and reproducibility: Quality repeatability with same printer, material and operators.
  •  Design, Manufacture and Assembly: Quality guarantee in any location under any set of environmental conditions.
  • Technology Quality: Incorporate the appropriate technologies and capabilities necessary to qualify AM-produced parts, based on the target QA      level
  • PPAP (Production Part Approval Process) and technology: Design and track the appropriate technologies with records, design changes,     performance reviews and dimensional analysis.
  • Risk Factor Identification: Identify the individual customer needs and accurately predict the specifications with minimum efficient scale and product     scope. Access and quantify risk factors before actual printing mechanisms for capital versus scale and scope.

Our 360 degree Quality Assurance Services comes with:

  • Product Quality Guarantee
  • Performance with time focus
  • Profit with cost analysis
  • Revenue with risk assessment
  • Customization with increased functionality