Scale Models

NexGen manufactures highly detailed 3D printed scale model kits, scale figures and miniature diorama accessories. Whatever may be the scale model, Aircrafts? Helicopters?Boats?Human figures?Tractors &CATerpilars?Cars?Military vehicles? You name it! We can build it for you.

We create a riveting and highly accurate 3D replica and our scale models come in all shapes and sizes. At NexGen,we produce high-detailed rendering scale modeling with our professional-grade 3D Printers. We fabricate high-detailed objects with excellent resolution (layer thickness up to 25 microns).

With us there's no minimum order and we manufacture your model starting at 1 copy. This way, you can do tests before ordering larger quantities. You can also easily change the scale of your design directly online, avoiding you from uploading several versions of the same 3D model and finally using our state of the art 3D printing facility which provides a fast and reliable 3d printing service you can take your scale model to the next dimension.