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3D Printing Course

We Are Launching a Very Unique 3D Innovation Labs Program in the Top 10 Schools in Chennai. This is a World Class 3D Education Program Involving All the Aspects that Integrates Scanning,Desining and Printing in Collabration with International Partners.
We Implement What is Available in Top Rated Schools in USA and Europe..

NexGen recognizes the profound impact of 3D printing in the future of design and manufacturing and we prepare students for careers being reshaped by 3D printing technology. By combining in-depth lectures with exciting hands-on projects, we impart both theoretical and practical knowledge they need to wield this transformative 3D technology in the real world.

NexGen has designed a distinctive school course structure to prepare students for current and emerging careers in the 3D printing industry with emphasis on gaining practical 3D printing experience and a critical eye for the technology’s advantages and limitations.

Our school course curriculum consists of:

  • Introduction of 3D Printing
  • Current and emerging 3D printing applications in the manufacturing field
  • Advantages and limitations of each 3D printing technology
  • Identify opportunities to apply 3D printing technology for time and cost savings
  • Design and produce a fully functional moving part in a single print

We empower students to become tomorrow’s inventors. Download the full curriculum guide.

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