Rosu Reddy


With more than 30 years of business development experience and having managed more than a 5 startups, he runs this company to meet its vision. paving path for the younger staff and accelerating the companies growth exponential he is our mentor and guide helping us achieve our goals




Padmaja is the one with the overview of all projects and also known as a strategist. She knows the studio’s happenings inside and out. She’s probably the one sitting across the table at your first meeting with us to tell you in crystal clear vocabulary about our work.


Systems admin

Priya is responsible for all the job work handling at our studio. She takes on every challenge. With expertise ini slicing softwares, file analysis and printing knowledge she’s always able to find the right solution for ideas. She also enables students to use 3d printers through workshops and training sessions.


Ravi Teja

Service lead

Ravi Teja our technical lead handles the service team. Well versed with the knowledge of the Flashforge finder , creator pro and Colido M2020, 2.0+ he has been overseeing this division for more than a year now. Post processing and quality checking are his strong suits. He is done more than 1000 of post processing at our premises.